Frequently asked questions

How do I pay a deposit?

Deposits can be made discreetly several different ways. While I accept CashApp and Venmo primarily I am open to some giftcards as well.

What is your deposit policy?

In order to reserve an appointment a deposit is required. This will ensure my availability to you and for the time that you have requested. A 25% deposit is required for all new clients. Fly-me-to-you dates require a 40% deposit. This is also my cancellation fee should you cancel outside of my cancellation window.

What kind of gifts do you like?

I ultimatly love love love cash gifts - CashApp gifts - ($JK84) treat me to drinks, shopping and food. - Venmo gifts - (Leilanni-Moore) - Tips in person I adore a range of gifts and giftcards from: - Chanel gift card or e-gift card - Red roses - Gucci GC Marmont reversible belt (black/brown leather) - size 9 - Gift Card - Amazon Gift Card - Lyft Gift Card I request a lot of gift cards because I'm working/waiting on getting a P.O. box currently and do not have anywhere for you to send surprise gifts at this moment. The gifts that I requested are a reflection of things that I adore and would love the privigle to have or experience.

Where are you located?

I am based in Seattle. I have a cozy private space both in Capitol Hill as well as West Seattle.

How do I get you to my city?

While I occassionally tour different cities every now and then, the demand for me to travel has been slow lately. You can also sponsor a tour! Yes, that's right! A minimum 4 hour pre-booked appointment with a 50% deposit and I can be in your city asap!